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Sherpa Max Tripod

What Lisa loves most:  

  • A sturdy, yet lightweight, 3K carbon-fiber travel tripod that offers immense versatility.  You can use it with or without a center column to get it low to the ground (this is awesome!).
  • Removable and adjustable center column!  Get low to the ground—minimum height of under 9”, allowing for versatile camera positions!
  • I love the detachable monopod, a hidden compartment with a phone clip to mount a cell phone, and a hidden attached wrench.  
  • The Sherpa Plus collapses enough to fit in a carry-on.  It’s also waterproof and sand-proof. 
  • Maximum height makes it great for photographers who stand up to approximate 6’2”  

What Lisa doesn’t like:   

  • I misplace things very easily.  In the case of this tripod, its versatility has only one drawback—there are several detachable parts that could get misplaced if not re-attached or stored properly.   
  • For bird and action photography, the inherent gentle resistance of a traditional ball-head may not provide all of the quick panning action and optional gimbal features that the Eagle Series E6H head provides.

Max height:  68.89" 

Minimum height: 9.92” 

Collapsed height:  20.07"

Weight:  3.76 lbs. 

Max load:  26.45 lbs 

Material: 3K Carbon Fiber 

Regular price:  $399 (use coupon code smaxholiday22 for discount)

*includes free shipping to anywhere in continental USA


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