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FotoPro Eagle Series  Gimbal / Ball / Fluid Head 

NOTE:  Tripod head does not include "instant leveling feature."  That feature is something that comes with the Fotopro Tripod kit.  That feature is part of the tripod itself.  To see this feature, click here.

(3 in one)

Length:  11.22"

Width:  9.21"

Height:  8.14in

Max load:  66.13 lbs

Total weight:  4.16 lbs

Manufacturer specifications

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Regular Price:  $725 (Add to cart for further discounted pricing)

*includes free shipping to anywhere in continental USA

Status:  Due to supply-chain issues, manufacturing delays have resulted in periodically delayed shipments.  You may place your order now and reserve your tripod to be shipped at the soonest time possible.   


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