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Lisa loves creating nature photography and art that is inspired by her background in psychology and design. When Lisa isn’t having fun making photographs, she’s thriving on teaching photography — most often in Alaska! Her humility and passion for both shines through in how she provides memorable, fun, and educational experiences that enrich, invigorate and expand photographers’ minds in wonderful ways.

Magic of Cowboys

A heartfelt thank you to all who attended the Magic of Cowboys event.  We hope you left feeling inspired and enriched by the experience. Here's to many more shared moments celebrating the art of photography and the enduring spirit of the cowboy.
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My Favorite Gear

The tripod that changed my photography & life! I approached FotoPro to see if I could sell these tripods because I LOVE them so much. I believe photographers need great gear that lasts. I am a "buy it once and buy it right" type of person.


Definitely one of the most memorable weeks of my life! Lisa took us to places to photograph wildlife like I had only ever dreamed was possible. Her knowledge of both photography and Alaska ensure you will get pictures that will forever be favorites.

Julie Chen

Lisa is an excellent instructor who listens and responds to the needs of her students. She meets them right where they are--whether novice or advanced--ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to improve his or her ability as a photographer.

Katie GoForth

"I've taken several beginner classes and always left feeling overwhelmed and unsure of my ability to apply what I learned. Lisa did just the opposite. She provided clear information and tools to help me apply my knowledge after class."

April Eisle


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