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X-Aircross 2


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Fotopro X-Aircross 2 Tripod

What Lisa Loves: 

  • Surprisingly strong & compact for being a carbon-fiber tripod that’s under 2 pounds, collapses to 14” and can support 22 pounds (wow!) 
  • Super-fast leg extension & retraction:  One twist is all it takes to fully extend or retract legs.  
  • Excellent for situations where space and weight are at a serious premium. 
  • Detachable center column for inverted camera positions low-to-ground 
  • Legs extend to 90° which is awesome for versatility and getting into low or awkward positions such as with landscape, macro or time-lapse or floral photography 

What Lisa doesn’t love: 

  • It takes a bit of time to invert the center column and re-connect the ball head. After a few tries, you become more fluent but it’s a bit of a trick at first. 
  • This is not the best combo for taller individuals or those photographing wildlife, birds-in-flight or action photography.  Nor will it withstand stronger winds.  The better option is an Eagle Series combo (E-6, E-6L, E-7).  


  • Dual 360°Panorama shooting – The two-axis design makes the independent rotation of the camera platform 
  • Detachable column – shoot close to subject 
  • Rustproof 
  • The double-head screw design of carrying plate:  Use with 3/8″ or 1/4″ screw to expand what devices you can mount to the tripod.

Max height:  59.44" 

Folded height:  14.17" 

Weight:  1.98 lbs. 

Max load:  22 lbs 

Regular price:  $199 (use coupon code x2holiday22 for discount)

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