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Click below to review and/or sign the terms and conditions for the following events:

TERMS, CONDITIONS & CANCELLATION POLICY:  Non-Alaska-based on-site eventsTERMS, CONDITIONS & CANCELLATION POLICY:  Magic of Alaska TERMS, CONDITIONS & CANCELLATION POLICY Webinar / remote learning eventsCancellation Form (Complete if you wish to cancel your reservation for any event)Behavior and conduct policyCOVID-19 Statement
Refund Policy. 

Due to the nature of the business in which our events must be scheduled and paid for months or more in advance in order to secure venues, excursions, lodging, etc., we are not in a position to offer refunds.  Your payments are  quickly directed to third-parties in order to obtain items and services necessary for the any event, workshop, tour, class, etc. (i.e., "Workshop.")  As such we strongly recommend travel/trip insurance with a cancel-for-any-reason policy added.

Cancellation Policy: 

Langell Photography, LLC. understands that unexpected situations arise. These may result in your inability to join us on an in-person event and thus necessitate the cancelation of your reservation. For virtual events such as webinars and online courses, there are no refunds.

For in-person events, here is what to expect: (See cancelation form for details)

•  Your initial deposit and any payments made toward your payment plan are non-refundable. No exceptions.  You may:
      • Submit a claim to your travel insurance.
      • Inquire about the possibility of Langell Photography re-selling your seat for a portion of the price paid.  
     • Transfer your seat to a friend.

•  When you notify us in writing via email that you wish to cancel, please refer to your specific terms linked above regarding refunds and transfers.  You may direct your claim to your travel insurance company if you purchased travel/trip insurance and we will happily provide you with the documentation needed to do so.

•  Please refer to the specific terms and agreements for your event, which you will have signed at registration, for details.  The links to the terms and conditions for each of our events are provided above. 
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