Langell Photography, LLC

Behavior and Conduct Policy

Langell Photography, LLC Behavior & Conduct Policy

To ensure all participants receive a quality, safe, enjoyable and fair experience, the following conduct is expected at all times. Failure to adhere to this code of conduct may result in your dismissal from an activity and/or the remainder of the workshop. Refunds and travel expenses will not be provided or reimbursed as a result of dismissal.

1. I agree to respect the rights and property of others.

2.I understand that vandalism, damage and/or stealing will not be tolerated and are immediate grounds for dismissal. Financial obligations that result from such behavior will be my sole responsibility.

3. I understand that possession, selling or intent to purchase illegal drugs or other illegal substances are grounds for immediate dismissal. The proper authorities will also be notified immediately.

4. I agree to respect leaders and other participants. This means:

• No disrespectful language or comments

• No harassment – this includes, but is not limited to, harassment or inappropriate joking/comments based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity/race, weight or physical attributes, and/or disability.

•  No physical, verbal, emotional or sexual harassment will be tolerated.

•  No bullying or shaming will be tolerated.

• No harm or intent to do harm: Harming or intending to harm another individual, property, or wildlife will not be tolerated. You will be immediately dismissed for doing so.

5.  Maintain hygiene and refrain from strong fragrances: Ensure that your clothing, your body, and your breath are all odor-free. Please refrain from wearing strong fragrances as it may draw mosquitoes, scare wildlife, or cause allergies for fellow participants.

6.  Refrain from excessive / compulsive talking: While conversation (two way) is absolutely welcome, some participants may fall into the Compulsive Talker / “Over-Talker” category. If you are a person who tends to dominate the conversation, feels uncomfortable with silent moments, or “story tells” incessantly, we ask that you kindly give everyone else a chance to speak as well. Or simply enjoy silence from time to time.

We have seen it happen on several workshops where one or two participants are “Over-Talkers.” They are often kind-hearted and mean well, or perhaps do so out of a place of either insecurity or ego, but often unknowingly ruin the experience for others who may prefer a more balanced, two-way conversation, or quiet times.

Why is monitoring your talking so important in a workshop? People come for an enjoyable experience. They want a shared experience. An over-talker can easily dominate the group, become wearing on those around him/her, and ruin the experience.

Many people who are around over-talkers express that in their midst, they feel the over-talker’s behavior makes them feel unimportant, disrespected, weary, annoyed, used and/or devalued. No doubt, the over-talker just wants to fit in and be accepted, but it has the opposite result.

We value EVERYONE’s experience and want it to be positive. If you are unable to self-monitor the quantity of your dialogue and it becomes annoying to the group, you will be reminded to better monitor your dominance in conversation. If you must repeatedly be reminded, it may become necessary to remove you from the workshop.

6. I agree to demonstrate responsible language and behavior at all times.

7. I will respect the leader(s) and/or guide's direction. This means that you will stay in the area(s) the leader/guide(s) asks and not go offsite or out of range without permission. In many cases, event or special use permits and/or local laws and restrictions are in place for the areas we visit. We are required to adhere to them during a commercial activity such as this workshop or class. Your safety or may also be at-risk by going beyond the area defined by your leader(s). Please always respect the rules provided by the leader(s) for where you are to be at all times.

8. I agree to be punctual. If your leader tells you to be at a certain place at a certain time, do so. Tardiness can hold up the group, or in some situations, cause you to miss a ride or a scheduled event. In some cases, the group may need to depart for a destination or begin a session without you. There may not be an alternative transportation option for you available, which may cause you to miss the event. Please be punctual. We cannot cater to latecomers at the expense of the group.

9. Positive Attitude: This is an adventure. After all, with any adventure, the best laid plans can go awry. Although rare, weather, vehicle issues, broken equipment, lodging challenges, absent wildlife, traffic, construction, illness, etc. can all play havoc with the best plans laid by you and/or your leader(s). While we work diligently to ensure everything goes smoothly, sometimes issues arise that put a kink in the plan.

During these times, we all must have a go-with-the-flow attitude. Please be mindful that a positive attitude – and some gratitude – go a long way in improving your (and others’) experience during the workshop. We work extraordinarily hard to ensure participants’ happiness and success with photography. We succeed consistently! Facilitating your joy brings us joy!

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