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Yeeeee hawwww!!  Let the Cowboy Magic begin!

Wrangle up your camera're going on a Western Shootout--Arizona Style!

Thank you so much for joining this event.  Your business is genuinely appreciated and I look forward to showing you an amazing time while you're here with me. 

You will be part of a great group of people who are joining us in a phenomenal photography extravaganza on an authentic Arizona Desert Ranch!  You'll learn plenty about photography and have your days packed full of instruction and photo opportunities.  You will walk away with a deeper understanding of not only photography -- but of true working-ranch living, longhorn cattle, the history of the area, and what it really takes to be a cowboy or cowgirl! 

Arrival info (2pm Friday):
Don Donnelly’s D Spur Ranch
15371 E Ojo Rd, Gold Canyon, AZ 85118


Detailed Agenda

(*All activities and times are guidelines, but are subject to change due to weather or other factors. We will adjust accordingly to maximize shooting opportunities and accommodate creativity, opportunities for light, action, weather, group needs, cattle behavior, and more.)

Friday, October 29, 2021 or January 14, 2022:

Take a ride through the desert and capture additional photographic moments during the day! Your wrangler will lead you and your horse through some stunning landscapes in the same areas that history was written in the Wild West of Arizona.

(Note, lunch is not served for those participating in the pre-workshop horseback ride.  Restaurants are nearby—you will have time to eat before the workshop begins.)

  • 2:00pm: Arrive at the ranch by 2:00pm. We will do a meet-and-greet activity and then get to work with our photography! We will also plan to photograph sunset among the mountains at the ranch.

  • 6pm-9:00pm: Dinner and camaraderie with participants and the cowboys. We'll have a ranch-style dinner and photo-ops while sitting around the campfire and listening to the incredible singer/songwriter, Steve Holmquist play his guitar and share original songs about the history and folklore of the region. 

  • 9pm: Depart for the evening.


  • 6:15am:(Weather permitting) Arrive at the ranch for a fantastic morning photographing silhouettes as the sun comes up over the ridge.  We’ll bring cowboy(s), horse(s) and make magic with the morning light as it crests over the ridge.  Opportunities for landscape images and additional portraits of cowboys as well.

  • Mid-morning:Welcome to the 1800's! We will be working with real, authentically dressed (from the period) western actors who will put on a high-action show for us to photograph! Just like it all happened in the wild west! Plus we will have ample opportunities to photograph these amazing actors in costumes that will make you feel like you stepped back in time.

  • Noon(ish): A catered lunch will be served.

  • Afternoon: A rest period followed by continued portrait instruction and opportunities! We set up stations for you to practice your skills with a variety of the actors who are eager to participate, friendly, and always helpful!
  • Late Afternoon: Capture silhouettes, gunfire light, stunning sunsets and more. 

  • 6:15: Evening Meal & Photography: We will provide a phenomenally delicious chuckwagon style meal for dinner while remaining on-premises in order to maximize our ability to photograph the cowboys, horses and/or cattle during sunset. Our musician, Steve Holmquist, will perform for us around the campfire!

9:00pm: Depart for the evening.


  • 6:15am: (Weather permitting) Silhouette and morning nature photography during sunrise.

The Superstition Mountains offer gorgeous views for morning landscape and nature photography. The Sonoran Desert may also provide us with opportunities to photograph blooming wildflowers, desert cottontail, collared peccary (Javelina), lizards, and numerous birds common to the region. These birds include Gambel's Quail, phainopepla, roadrunner, mourning doves, mockingbirds, curve-billed thrashers, cactus wren, Harris hawk, red-tailed hawk, verdin, and ravens. We will explore the area and photograph it at first light. We will also be photographing cattle once our cowboys ready them for the morning’s shoot.

  • Mid-morning:
    • Action: Herding and roping of cattle/horses.

    • Flat Lay Photography: Learn a unique photography technique that is ideally suited for this event. This creative option for western photography will give you the chance to capture images perfect for printing cards, wall hangings, personal art, business cards, and more! We'll show you how and let you explore dozens of western antiques including chaps, spurs, currency, pistols and rifles (non-functioning/replica), boots, hats, and many other antiques!

    • Ranch Photo Flex Time: We will provide information on this portion of the day's activities based on weather and group interests. It could include ranch/horse/cattle photography, flat-lay, portraits, or free shooting time to focus on the nature, rustic structures, and more that exist on the ranch.

  • Noon(ish):  Catered lunch will be on-site

  • 1:00pm – 2:30pm: We will work with our ranch hands one last time for a late-afternoon shoot with multiple horses, cowboys, cattle and antics! The action will be happening with these fabulous riders--watch how things are really done on the ranch! Get those shutter speeds up and ready for many frames per second of fantastic shooting!
  • 2:30pm: Conclusion. We'll wind down the day with a final group discussion and wrap-up activity. We'll say goodbye to our friends, fellow participants, and the ranch hands who helped make this weekend memorable and photographable.

    TIPPING THE RANCH STAFF: Our ranch hands have been financially compensated for their time by Langell Photography, Inc. Additional tips are never mandated, but are always graciously accepted and appreciated by them. A tip jar will be provided. A range of $20-40 participant is a common range for what many participants have tipped in previous years, but do what feels right to you.

Meals, Lodging, Transportation and Services: 


Meals will be catered on-property. We will provide delicious meals specially selected to fit our western lifestyle for the weekend!

We also work to accommodate most reasonable dietary restrictions.  We will contact you in advance of the workshop if we need clarification or cannot accommodate the restriction. Should you wish to purchase additional groceries or sundries, is Basha's Grocery Store in the area, along with various restaurants and convenience stores.

Optional lodging is available via the Best Western Gold Canyon, a short drive from the ranch. Breakfast is served at the hotel, but does not start until 6:30am. As such, coffee, water, and other grab-and-go type snacks (granola bars, fruit, nuts, breakfast bars, muffins, etc) will be provided at the ranch.  

Transportation: Air & Ground:

  • Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is the primary airport in the region. It is approximately 40-50 minutes west of Gold Canyon, AZ and about one hour from the ranch. (Drive times may vary due to traffic).
  • Mesa Gateway Airport: offers flights primarily through budget airline, Allegiant Air. It is about 30 minutes southwest of Gold Canyon, AZ. If you are coming from out-of-town, rental cars are available via both airports.

  • Driving: Map to: Donnelly D-Spur Ranch at 15371 E Ojo Rd, Gold Canyon, AZ 85118

Rental cars are available from both Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and Mesa Gateway Airport. You will find shuttle/cab services via SuperShuttle, Lyft, Uber or Taxi as well, though they may be costly from the airport (45-60 min drive). The ranch is located just a few miles down a well-maintained, easily drivable dirt road that any sedan can easily handle.

  • Services: Gold Canyon, AZ offers a major grocery store, fuel station, several restaurants, a few fast-food options, and lodging at the Best Western Gold Canyon. There is an Urgent Care in town (hours may vary) and major medical services are available within approximately 30-minute drive.


  • Camera Gear & Technology
    Minimum gear we recommend:
    • Body and backup body
    • 24-70mm (or similar)
    • 70-200mm (or similar)
    • Zoom or prime lens that can reach 400mm minimally and up to 600mm if possible.
    • Ample memory cards, charged batteries, a tripod and ball head.
    • Optional: Your laptop computer with charger and plenty of storage (or an external hard drive and cords to back up your images each night).
    • You are welcome to bring additional gear as you see fit. There are plenty of places to store your gear during the day. You will be in close proximity to your car, which is parked on private property.
    • Please bring your camera's manual or have an electronic copy available for your reference.
    • Visits to your hotel during the day are possible at lunch, but it is best to plan on spending the day at the ranch from morning until after dinner


      • October workshops: Daytime average high: 75-85°F; low: 49-59°F
      • January/February workshops: Daytime average high: 65-75°F; low 45-50°F

Though it is typically sunny in Arizona, we occasionally get winter storms, rain, and unseasonably high or low temperatures. For this event, be prepared for diverse weather.


  • We recommend packing clothing you can layer, such as a t-shirt, fleece, and/or outer jacket that is wind/weather resistant. Jeans or cargo style pants are recommended (not shorts) due to the environment we will be in.
  • We are on a working ranch and will also potentially be walking short distances on trails in the desert or on unpaved driveways.
  • For early morning or evenings, bring gloves and a hat, especially if we have unseasonably cool weather (typically in January).
  • Please wear comfortable (i.e., broken in) hiking shoes or boots that can handle dust, cactus spines (if you’re not careful) or mud, depending on the weather. Sneakers, flats, flip flops, etc. are NOT recommended.
  • If you plan to horseback ride, you must wear proper footwear. Inquire with the
    D-Spur Ranch directly for any questions regarding the horseback riding options, physical requirements and clothing requirements.
  • Extras: We provide sturdy, premium folding chairs for each participant.


The ranch is off-the-grid and electrical power is not typically available. Please ensure your devices and batteries are fully charged before you arrive each day. Bottled water and wash stations are available on the ranch. Clean porta-potties are provided throughout the ranch.

What photography skills do I need for this workshop?

We welcome all photography enthusiasts! That said, it is especially helpful to you if you attend already familiar with basic ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture settings and the basic functionality of your camera. We will support your learning at whatever level you are at when you arrive and work to take you further along in your journey of learning and photographic experiences.

What is the culture of this workshop?

Langell Photography workshops and classes emphasize a fun, open, down-to-earth, caring culture of learning experiences.

We welcome all who are friendly, positive, open to learning, open to sharing, and believe negativity, arrogance, inflexibility, and strong ego are detrimental to everyone's learning process and experience. We are not judgmental about what gear you have, your level of photography knowledge, or what you do/did for a living. We want to create a respectful, emotionally safe, enjoyable and positive learning experience for anyone who attends.

We do not tolerate disrespectfulness, rudeness, ill treatment toward guests, harassment, or off-putting behavior by guests or staff. To put it simply, we believe in the Golden Rule and expect our attendees to do the same. After all, photography should be FUN!


Horseback ride?

If you wish to participate in the horseback riding event, please contact the D-Spur Ranch directly to reserve your space.  Call (480) 982-7822 (  Tell the reservationist that you are with Lisa Langell's Photography Group and need the 10am-12pm Horseback Ride on Friday, October 29, 2021.  There is a separate fee of $80/person (subject to change) and it is payable directly to the ranch.

Contact Lisa Langell with questions

Business:  602-345-0883

Personal Mobile:  480-737-6115 (text/calls are fine)


Thank you again for joining and I look forward to meeting you!

-Lisa Langell

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