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Tired of speakers that just want you to admire their own portfolio? Lisa feels the same! (Honestly, isn't that what a website is for?)

Lisa is refreshingly different.  She provides your group with engaging, interactive, inspirational and highly educational content about photography and nature.  Complete with learning objectives and audience interaction,  your participants will come away with new knowledge, skills, and inspiration that they can apply right away. 

Lisa spent 20+ years working as an educational psychologist and international consultant.  She KNOWS teaching methods and how to teach people in ways that keep it engaging, fun, and positive.  


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Availability:  Lisa would LOVE to offer a session for your camera club or similar type of organization!  Plan early!  She has limited availability in her current schedule and there has been high demand for her webinar sessions!  Your dates of choice may or may not be available.  In some cases, we may ask you to join together with another club that has a session scheduled at the same/similar date and time in order to accommodate as may clubs as possible.  

  2. How much does it cost?  Lisa provides two options:
       1.  $150 speaking fee using your webinar software or hers (zoom)
       2.   FREE webinar providing she uses her Zoom software (up to 1000 participants).  This allows Lisa the ability to email participants afterward with a copy of the recording and an initial welcome email to her newsletter.  Participants may opt out of the newsletter (sent approximately once per month) at any time.  All information is kept confidential and is never shared or sold. 

  3. What topics does Lisa offer to camera clubs for 2023?
    Lisa offers something different: Lisa's sessions are not "narrated slide shows."  They are actual photography classes--packed with information and inspiration designed to educate your members in wonderful ways.  They are also very interactive and rely on audience participation! 
    • Alaska:  Tips for finding and photographing wildlife
    • The New Nature Photography:  Trends & ideas for a new era of nature photography
    • The Visual Power of Contrast:  How to use selective contrast in ways you never thought about in-camera and in post-processing
    • Abstract Photography:  A fresh look at the techniques behind the best images
    • Photographing Wildlife in High Key Style:  How to shoot in Lisa's favorite style, high-key!  These are the classic, light, bright and ethereal images that people adore!
    • An Artistic Photographer Lies in All of Us:  An inspirational, eye-opening and enlightening session with activities to expand your creative side.
    • Image reviews & editing tips:  Lisa will review images from  your audience and give suggestions on composition, editing (including demonstrations) and helpful commentary on what works well and what can be tried in the future to best capture  your favorite subjects and scenes.
  4. Audience Size:
    1. Minimum:  30
    2. Maximum: 1000

  5. How does it work? 
    1. Contact Lisa
    2. Request a live webinar (or in-person session if you are in Arizona) 
    3. Upon finalizing your topic and dates/times, you will be provided with:  
      1. A Marketing Packet:  This contains a headshot, biography, images pertinent to the session you chose, and a session description.  These may all be used to help promote your private session with your membership. 
      2. Registration link for members (If you request Lisa to use her Zoom account):  You will be sent a link well in advance of your live session to share with your invited participants to register and attend the session.  They will receive a confirmation email with a link that is unique for each individual.  They will then receive automated reminders via email shortly before the event, including the link to click on and join the live session.
      3. Club/Organization Business before or after:  Lisa is happy to accommodate club/organization announcements and important club business before or after the live session (within reason - 15 mins or so. If you need longer, you may schedule it via your own webinar software before or after her presentation).  She also loves to interact with your group before and/or after her presentation.

  6. How long are Lisa's sessions?  Each session is about 90 minutes of highly engaging, interactive and educational content, including chat & Q&A time before and/or after each session.  

  7. Is it recorded?  Yes.  Lisa will always record a session she hosts and sends it out to you within about 48 hours after the live session.    It is active for 30 days, allowing those who couldn't attend live to still enjoy the session.  It will be sent directly to all registrants. 

  8. Does Lisa talk with our group?  Yes!  Her sessions are designed to be engaging and audience-interactive!  She also will chat with the group before and after the session, answer questions, and more.

More questions?  Contact Lisa to get the conversation started!


Contact us today to schedule your session!
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