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Eagle E-7 and X-Aircross 2 bundle

Original price was: $1,549.90.Current price is: $1,399.95.

The shoot and video bundle. Shoot with my favorite tripod and get tripod to use for cell phone pics and video.



E-7: FotoPro Eagle Series 7 Tripod Combo Gimbal / Ball / Fluid Head (3-in-one)

What Lisa loves:

  • For my specific photography needs, the Eagle Series tripod heads and combo kits are my favorite products in the entire lineup. The head in these kits, alone, replaces three tripod heads (gimbal head, ball head, and video fluid head)—and it does so incredibly well!
  • Of those, the E-7 is my favorite model within the Eagle Series lineup! It’s sturdy, lightweight, and durable!
  • You get three-in-one! A ball-head, gimbal head, and video panhead—All in ONE head!  I never need to switch tripod heads or carry extra heads with me! 
  • Instant-leveling when on uneven terrain eliminates the need for small leg adjustments to obtain true level.
    Perfect for people who are 5’3” to about 6’2”
  • Lightweight (about 6 pounds)
  • No center column
  • Folds down to fit in a suitcase
  • 3 twist-lock leg extensions with a quick quarter-turn twist that fully unlocks and extends!

What Lisa doesn’t love:

  • The one extra gadget you need is an L-Bracket for your camera…. But good news! We’re tossing in the Fotopro Universal L-Bracket FREE with this special! ($49 value)!
  • I truly love everything about this Eagle Series tripod!

The E7 Carbon Fiber Tripod with Gimbal Head from Fotopro is a high-performance carbon fiber tripod that operates smoothly in all kinds of environments. The included E-7H Gimbal head offers 360-degree movement in all directions! The E-H7 gimbal head maintains the weight of a camera and a telephoto lens up to 22 pounds while allowing swing, tilt, and 360° panning to follow fast-moving subjects. The head can be leveled at its base without having to adjust the tripods legs on uneven terrain. This head and tripod combo kit is well- suited to wildlife, birding, sports, and any outdoor adventure photography.

    • 10-layer 1K carbon fiber for light weight durability
    • Adjust legs up to 90°
    • No center column—allows for low-to-the-ground photography
    • Twist lock joints require only 1/4 rotation to lock and unlock
    • Removable rubber feet, with spiked feet
    • Arca-type long plate included

REGULAR PRICE: $1,349.95

Fotopro X-Aircross 2 Tripod

What Lisa Loves: 

  • Surprisingly strong & compact for being a carbon-fiber tripod that’s under 2 pounds, collapses to 14” and can support 22 pounds (wow!) 
  • Super-fast leg extension & retraction:  One twist is all it takes to fully extend or retract legs.  
  • Excellent for situations where space and weight are at a serious premium. 
  • Detachable center column for inverted camera positions low-to-ground 
  • Legs extend to 90° which is awesome for versatility and getting into low or awkward positions such as with landscape, macro or time-lapse or floral photography 

What Lisa doesn’t love: 

  • It takes a bit of time to invert the center column and re-connect the ball head. After a few tries, you become more fluent but it’s a bit of a trick at first. 
  • This is not the best combo for taller individuals or those photographing wildlife, birds-in-flight or action photography.  Nor will it withstand stronger winds.  The better option is an Eagle Series combo (E-6, E-6L, E-7).  


  • Dual 360°Panorama shooting – The two-axis design makes the independent rotation of the camera platform 
  • Detachable column – shoot close to subject 
  • Rustproof 
  • The double-head screw design of carrying plate:  Use with 3/8″ or 1/4″ screw to expand what devices you can mount to the tripod.

Max height:  59.44" 

Folded height:  14.17" 

Weight:  1.98 lbs. 

Max load:  22 lbs 


*includes free shipping to anywhere in continental USA



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