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On February 15th, 2024 Langell Photography and B&H Photo hosted an insightful Zoom webinar on photographing the solar eclipse. Led by eclipse experts Les and Mary Anderson, the session covered essential photography settings tailored for capturing the eclipse's mesmerizing beauty. The webinar balanced practical photography tips with the exhilarating experience of witnessing a total solar eclipse. If you missed it, you can watch the recording here. Click Here



Check out these handy articles on the basics of safe solar observing.

Our Frequently Asked Questions section provides insightful answers to address any uncertainties you may have regarding eclipse photography. Delve into this comprehensive resource to enhance your understanding and prepare for capturing the celestial phenomenon with confidence. CLICK HERE

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Below, you'll find a curated list of the websites and resources that our expert panel used to gather invaluable information and insights for the 'How to Photograph The Total Eclipse' webinar. These links will help you delve deeper into the world of eclipse photography, offering additional knowledge and inspiration. Feel free to explore these trusted sources to expand your expertise and enhance your eclipse photography journey. is published by Michael Zeiler and Polly White. This site provides information, maps, photos and videos related to all types of solar eclipses around the world. The web store offers eclipse related items to support the ongoing work and education on solar eclipses.
The total eclipse of the Sun is the most spectacular event in all of Nature! Few people have ever witnessed one, but once seen it is an experience never to be forgotten. The Moon's dark shadow plunges you into an eerie twilight and the Sun's mysterious and incredibly beautiful corona is revealed.
a website dedicated to predictions and information on eclipses of the Sun and Moon. You can learn more about this website by visiting the Introduction Page.
I am an author of astronomy books and magazine articles, and a photographer of the night sky, if that was not obvious from this website!

And as you can also gather from my site, I also present astrophoto workshops and inspiring talks on astronomy and the wonders of the universe.
This site is dedicated to the global traveller who appreciates and seeks out the spectacles that Nature offers to aficionados of the day and night sky. In Kepler’s words: Ad rerum coelestium amatores universos.… Solar eclipses are at the forefront in these pages, but our Universe also offers lunar eclipses, auroras, planetary transits, comets, and occultations to experience and explore.
Time and Date AS is based just outside Stavanger, Norway, where our teams work together to operate, the world's top-ranking website for time and time zones. With free online services you can rely on, we make it easier to organize your life, both at work and at home.
This web site which mostly contains pictures of total solar eclipses and landscapes from different areas on Earth, will let you enjoy those dreamlike moments :

USA: Yellowstone Libya: Um el Ma

"Don’t dream your life, live your dreams"
"The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only one page"
This website is available as a resource for eclipse and transit records and information, but will not be updated. For the latest on future eclipses from NASA,  please visit https://solarsystem.nasa.
Now within a year of the 2024 U.S. total solar eclipse, I am thrilled that my book is already helping people prepare for the eclipse! It's a comprehensive guide, that is easy to read, to prepare for Eclipse Day. The unique format of this book takes Eclipse Day and divides it into 28 separate essential elements, from arriving at your observation site to leaving at the end of the eclipse. Each of those elements is its own chapter where the information about the astronomy, the science, the observation, photography, and videography techniques are discussed together. 
The Planit! app is just like a virtual camera. Instead of actually going to a location to place your real camera, you can place the camera pin on the map to simulate going to that location. You can add markers to the map to create your own scene and visualize it in the virtual viewfinders. You can also adjust the time slider to change to any time in the past or in the future to see the Sun, the Moon, the stars, or the Milky Way moving over the map or in the viewfinder.
No matter the type of photography you love: Landscape, Milky Way, Moon, Sunrise, Sunset, Architecture, Star Trails, Drone, Meteor Showers, Solar eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, Time lapse, Wedding, Portrait or Travel...

PhotoPills is your photography planning app. It helps you PLAN your photos ahead of time… So you’re always at the right place at the right time to capture the best photo possible.
See how the light will fall on the land, day or night, for any location on earth.

Photo Ephemeris helps you plan outdoor photography in natural light. It's a map-based Sun, Moon, and Milky Way calculator. Plan your shot with perfect precision.
We cover all aspects of the science and hobby of astronomy, from scientific discoveries to what’s in the sky tonight and the latest equipment. Our content is written by expert professional and amateur astronomers and award-winning science writers who together share a passion for our amazing universe. We think that with the right encouragement, everyone can excel in astronomy — and we don’t have to skimp on the details to do it.
The world's best-selling astronomy magazine offers you the most exciting, visually stunning, and timely coverage of the heavens above. Each issue includes expert science reporting, vivid color photography, complete sky coverage, spot-on observing tips, informative telescope reviews, and much more! All this in a user-friendly style that's perfect for astronomers at any level.
For nearly five decades, I’ve been privileged to share the wonder and mystery of the universe with audiences around the world―through my public lectures and workshops, my popular astronomy writings, celestial photography, unique night sky tours and my exciting astronomy enrichment travel programs to some of the most exotic locations on our planet. I hope you enjoy exploring my website, and that you will follow and chat with me online! -Dennis


With over 44 years of experience, Les and Mary have photographed a staggering 19 eclipses worldwide. Among their remarkable achievements are 15 total solar eclipses and 4 annular eclipses, with their exceptional work featured in prestigious publications such as Discover and Astronomy Magazines.

Les, a retired U.S. Navy scientist, and Mary, with over 45 years at the Fleet Science Center and Planetarium, are now dedicated to sharing their unparalleled expertise with the world. Discover more about their extraordinary journey and expertise at: Les Anderson Facebook PageMary Anderson Facebook Page and

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