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2025 Workshop Dates
Lisa Langell's Photo Artistry workshops are truly about nature photography as an art form, both in-camera and in post-processing. If you're interested exploring beyond the boundaries of traditional "magazine and calendar photography," then this workshop is for you!
Prioritizing the creative over traditional approach, you will learn how to:
  • Capture birds-in-flight using a slow-shutter panning technique.
  • Reconceptualize the use of light, shade, composition, form, and exposure.
  • Intentional camera movement/motion (ICM) for creating ethereal images.
  • High key styled photography.
  • Silhouette photography.
  • Techniques for photographing abstract images as a stunning art form.
  • Post-processing techniques to incorporate additional artistry, including using textures and more.
  • Traditional nature and wildlife photography techniques.
This workshop will help you discover how to create images that are ideally suited for artistic collections and wall art. With hands-on demonstrations, classroom and field-based learning, and expert guidance from your instructors, you'll have the opportunity to enhance your photography skills and create beautiful, one-of-a-kind images. Don't miss out on this chance to nurture your artistry and expand your conceptualization around nature photography as an art form.

More than a workshop

Watch this video to catch a preview of what awaits at our upcoming event, featuring highlights from last year’s session.

Small groups

To ensure personalized attention and optimal opportunities for capturing photographs, we have limited the workshop to 8 participants.

Bosque del Apache, NM


Sunday, April 28, 8:30 PM EDT
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2025 Workshop Dates
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