Langell Photography, LLC

Mason Mullally

Meet Mason Mullally, a daring visionary driven by adventure in both his professional and personal life. With a lifelong passion for art, photography, and technology, he has woven these passions into a dynamic career in marketing and graphic design.

Mason's journey began as a professional golfer before he pursued a degree in visual communications and graphic design. Managing marketing and social media for various companies, he demonstrated a flair for captivating campaigns that left a lasting impact.

During his tenure from 2012 to 2022, Mason held roles as a marketing and sales team manager, gaining valuable experience in leading and strategizing for diverse brands. Later, he served as Marketing Director for cutting-edge sports training technology corporations, contributing to their growth and progress.

In 2022, Mason embraced a new adventure, joining Langell Photography, LLC. Here, he synergizes his artistic vision, creativity, and love for photography and videography. Traveling nationally alongside Lisa Langell, he ensures exceptional client experiences while propelling the brand forward.

Mason Mullally stands as a trailblazing visionary, a driving force behind art and marketing innovations. With boundless passion, he envisions a future where his artistic endeavors continue to reshape the industry he holds dear.

Examples of Mason's work

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