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Magic of Cowboys Workshop

Put on your hats, dust off your boots, and load up the camera gear because pard'ner, we're doing it again!
Why is this photography experience so magical?
Magic of Cowboys is so much more than just your standard photography workshop with horses, cattle and cowboys. This is delightfully SO much more! Numerous participants have come back annually -- a testament to how special and beloved this event has become.
Feeding the heart, soul and camera
The Magic of Cowboys will lift your spirits! You'll have a buffet of photo opportunities that are creatively packed into three days of fun. Marvel at the diversity of high quality, unique images you'll come away with and how much you'll learn along the way.

What's New in 2025?

A Hollywood Movie Stuntman!
We are thrilled to announce that Duncan Vazain, renowned for his exceptional motion picture stunt work and acting, will be joining our team for the Magic of Cowboys workshop in February 2025. With over 25 years of experience in breeding and training versatile horses, Duncan brings unparalleled expertise and passion to our event. His impressive skills, ranging from ranch work to stagecoach driving, combined with his unique approach to horse training, will elevate the workshop to new heights. Duncan will also be bringing his skilled team to work with us, enhancing the overall experience.

What You'll Learn

Action Photography

You will learn how to best capture the action with fast-moving horses, cattle, and ranch-related activities with the cowboys and cowgirls. Roping, herding, and more are planned!

Portraiture Made Easy

A highlight is to help photographers who are new to (and even intimated by) portrait photography to have a relaxed, stress-free, fun, and “no-judgment” type experience.


You will learn how to capture gorgeous silhouettes of the cowboys, cowgirls, and more!

What's Included

Breakfasts and Lunches - Includes: Continental Breakfasts and a hearty lunches on Saturday and Sunday, plus ample snacks, coffee, tea and refreshments
Pre-workshop webinar - A group webinar on October 11, 2023 will be held to help answer questions and deliver helpful information prior to your arrival
Instruction - We provide ~8-10 instructors, including Lisa Langell, during this event to ensure you have abundant help with questions and more.
Pre-workshop tutorial - An on-demand course on using Manual Exposure settings
Post-workshop webinar - A follow-up webinar covering editing techniques will be offered
NOT INCLUDED: Lodging - Lodging is available for self-booking at the Best Western in Gold Canyon, AZ, which is about 10 minutes from the ranch.
NOT INCLUDED: Transportation - The hotel does not provided a shuttle to the ranch. Please plan to book any airfare, rental cars, etc. on your own. These are not included in the workshop price.
NOT INCLUDED: Horseback riding - A 2-hour horseback tour is available on Friday morning, starting at approximately 10am. This may be booked through the Donnelly D-Spur Ranch directly. The approximate cost is $90/person plus tip.

Important Information

Location: Gold Canyon, Arizona
Dates: February 20-23, 2025
Available Lodging: Gold Canyon Golf Resort

Once you register for the workshop, we will provide you with all the necessary information to ensure your trip is stress-free and enjoyable. This includes travel details, such as transportation options and directions, as well as a more detailed description of the workshop itinerary and schedule. Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what to expect from the workshop, so that you can arrive feeling prepared and ready to learn.


An easy, 45-minute drive from the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport transports you to an entirely different place where time slows down, history is deep, and the traditional ways of cowboys and cowgirls are carried on. Located against the stunning backdrop of the legendary Superstition Mountains on 5,800 acres of the pristine Sonoran Desert in Gold Canyon, Arizona, lies the very special Donnelly D-Spur Ranch.

The “D-Spur” is a decades-old, privately owned, working ranch with some of the most spectacular scenery in the Valley of the Sun. Situated adjacent to the Tonto National Forest and legendary Superstition Mountains, It will be our jaw-dropping setting for your Magic of Cowboys Photo Experience!

What Else?

The Magic of Cowboys & Cattle is truly different from your typical photo tour or workshop. 

It's an immersive experience!
Award-winning, authentic "Chuckwagon" meals
Our "chuckwagon" chef has won numerous awards and competitions for her chuckwagon style cooking over an open fire! Using hot coals, cast iron, and incredible recipes, she’ll prepare meals by campfire for us that are beyond amazing! See how it was done 100+ years ago and taste the rich flavors that go along with the experience!
Free-Roaming horses/cattle
Our cowboys will work cattle in the pen, the nearby landscape, and/or will round up free-range cattle in from the open range for us to photograph. Additionally, there are often free-roaming horses on the land surrounding the ranch.
Free-time for your photography
Apply what you have learned! Explore the ranch and photograph the landscape, cattle, cowboys, cowgirls, horses, and more.
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