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Magic of Alaska

Magic of Alaska Wildlife Photography Experience 

Why is this photography experience so Magical ?

Year after year, participants have said it themselves - "This is just magical!"  So it stuck!  The Magic of Alaska -- prepare to have a truly magical experience while we explore the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska.  This unique region is often called "Alaska in Miniature" because every Alaska wildlife habitat type except Arctic tundra is represented here.  It boasts the juxtaposition of two biomes that combine to make for an abundance of diverse life.  This tour will provide any wildlife photographer with an experience of a lifetime!

  • We typically see 70-90 species of wildlife - including moose, bear, eagles, puffins, whales and more
  • Only 6 participants on each wonderfully private, one-of-a-kind, first class adventure
  • Journey by boat, plane, SUV, and if you choose - even a dogsled - to capture dramatic images
  • This incredible experience is designed to be original and unlike any other photography tour offered in Alaska

Physical Fitness level:  Level 3 – Moderate 

Elevation:  0 to 3000 feet, with most excursions below 500' elevation.

Photography Skill Level:  All levels.  Hands-on instruction provided by 2 instructors.

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Choosing your experience

Taste of Alaska:   New for 2022, this tour features a diverse 4-day experience that is packed with adventure, nature and photography. A delightful adventure by land and sea that gives you a great taste of the Kenai Peninsula and all it offers.   
Magic of Alaska:  The original tour everyone raves about. It's an epic, thrilling experience that's chock full of photographic moments, wildlife, and memories. It's truly the photo tour of a lifetime! Plus we've added something new for 2022--dogsledding and photography on a glacier!
Bear Extravaganza Add-On:  Get your ultimate bear photography fix here!  Extend your adventure in Alaska by spending three exhilarating days at Lake Clark National Park.  We typically witness and photograph 20-40 bears per day in a variety of settings, light and behaviors.  This is not something to be missed.  BONUS: Get a free night at our lodge in Sterling, AK.

Tour Overview

Homer / Kachemak Bay by Land and Private Boat

By private boat, we will cruise through Kachemak Bay to capture images of the stunning scenery as well as well search for an array of birds and wildlife.

These include northern sea otters, harbor seals, thousands of nesting black-legged kittiwake, horned puffins, tufted puffins, common murre, eagles, arctic tern, rare Aleutian tern, pelagic cormorant, pigeon guillemots, black oystercatchers, harlequin ducks, bald eagles, mottled murrelets, and more.

Homer - Tidepools and nature walk

We will have lunch in Homer and then explore the town, photographing some of the historic and iconic buildings on the "Homer Spit," as well as the very photogenic boats in the harbor.  

We will, tides-permitting, walk along the shore to photograph shore birds and marine life at low tide.  Then we will scout for eagles, including a known nest that has been used annually!
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Eagle Beach

Eagle beach is a special spot where we can often see a hundred or more eagles canvasing the coast for fish!  It's not uncommon to also see them sparring with one another as the juveniles and adults practice courting and combat behaviors in mind-air.  

This makes for fantastic photography opportunities!   This beautiful, uncrowded beach is the ideal spot to capture images of Alaska's most iconic bird.

Skilak Lake - Wildlife and Waterscapes

Skilak Lake is a 128 square mile, pristine, turquoise lake fed by glaciers and springs.  It sits within the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge and is fantastic for waterscapes, wildlife and abstract photography on the rocks.  Its uniquely picturesque rocks add a new texture and element to your photographs of Alaska.  

This excursion is so private that we are typically the only boat on the lake.   We will canvas the shore for black bear, moose, birds, and more.  

Kenai River - Wildlife Dessert Cruse

One of the country's most renown rivers, the Kenai, is a wonderful spot to locate wildlife and nature.  

We will hop in our private boat from the docks at the lodge and tour this river in beautiful evening light, looking to photograph moose, eagles, bear, Arctic tern, Bonaparte's gulls, mergansers, red-necked grebe pairs, sandhill cranes, and more.  

We will also travel up through a portion of the Moose River, which can have beautiful reflections in the right light.  We'll enjoy dessert here as well!

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Land-Based Nature Viewing Excursions

Several areas around the peninsula offer opportunities to locate moose, caribou, birds, wildflowers, scenic vistas and more.  

We will explore these areas by SUV or on foot (short, easy walks) to locate beautiful photography subjects at various points throughout the tour.  This is a wonderful way to photograph the nature that surrounds us.

Private Fly-out for Coastal Brown Bears

We're heading off-the-grid for a 7-hour tour into the wilderness of Alaska!  A float-plane experience via the famous DeHavilland Beaver, which is the workhorse of remote Alaska is a must-experience event!  

We'll search for coastal brown bears and black bears by boat amidst gorgeous scenery, pristine lakes, and awe-inspiring snow-capped mountains.

Afterward, we will go flightseeing and soar over the top of Double Glacier for some incredible wide-angle and abstract photography!  Year after year, this part of the tour is a highlight and delight!

Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge - Private Tour 

The Gulf of Alaska offers a rugged and stunning coastline.  It's even more magical when you see it in our own private boat!  (No extra tourists to photobomb your shots or crowd your space!)

We will enjoy an all-day cruise and explore ~130 miles of coastline in search of humpback, orca and possibly fin and Minke whales, as well as horned and tufted puffins, common murres, rhinoceros auklets, parakeet auklets, Dall Porpoise, Stellar's sea lions (endangered), harbor seals, northern sea otter, eagles, black-legged kittiwake, and more!  

We will also visit a stunning glaciers and get up-close and personal, hoping to catch it calving into the water below!

Our first mate will even snag us pieces of ice from the glacier that is thousands of years old.

We will also capture images of the iconic "Spire Cove" by boat and see portions of the Harding Ice Field-which covers ~700 square miles, is roughly 4000ft deep, and is the largest ice field entirely within the United States.
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Dog Sledding on a Glacier + Landscape and Action Images

We will board helicopters for a 10-minute flight to Godwin Glacier!  Aerial photography will be beautiful here as we fly over incredible blue glacier ice and by immense waterfalls.

Next, we will land and stand on a real glacier!  We'll meet our sled dogs and mushers who will take us on a genuine sled dog ride for about 30 minutes while we explore the snowy glacier terrain.  

This adventure is run by the family that has raced in and won three consecutive Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race championships! True Legends - and we get to spend time with them as we photograph the landscapes, dogs, and family that made history happen here in Alaska. 

Bear Extravaganza (Optional extension)

Lake Clark National Park
Head “off the grid” and into remote Alaska - True Alaska” as many call it.  This optional add-on tour provides incredible experiences in PREMIERE bear country right from the start.

A 75-minute bush flight takes you to Lake Clark National Park via a breathtakingly beautiful route along the Cook Inlet, near Mount Redoubt (volcano), past glaciers, across unspoiled wilderness and more.  Arrive on the beach and you are escorted to your modern cabins. Shortly after, we will head out for bear photography!

This location boasts incredible scenery along the Chinitna Bay and plenty of Coastal Brown Bears! It is not unusual for us to see 20-40 bears per day in the area. 

The bears will be clam-digging, foraging on sedge grasses, courting/mating (through early June), nursing and rearing cubs.  You'll also see the bears playing and even occasional combat! Depending on the timing of the salmon run with your tour, we may also see bears chasing salmon (late June).

We spend most of the day each day observing and photographing these beautiful creatures without crowds or platforms that make eye-level shooting difficult!


All meals are prepared daily by our on-site chef.  We provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages.  Breakfasts are made to be easy to grab in the morning as we often start very early.  Fresh coffee, tea and juice is provided.  No one has ever went hungry here!

Your meals will incorporate a variety of chicken, beef, local seafood (salmon, halibut, etc.), produce, and more.  We will also provide traditional fare suitable for picnicking during the day.  Enjoy beautiful riverside dining at night while we dine "al fresco" (weather permitting) on the patio while chatting and watching for local wildlife to pass us along the river.  It’s a slice of Alaskan heaven! 

Accommodating dietary restrictions: 

We can typically accommodate most dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, common allergies, etc.).  Please specify your restrictions when registering.  We will reach out to you for clarification if needed.

Kenai Peninsula:  Lodging 

We have an entire lodge to ourselves! It's the best way to stay.  The only people here will be the owners, the caterer, and ourselves.  It's 100% private.  The lodge offers spacious, modern cabins that allow both privacy and camaraderie.  Cabins offer our six participants the option of: 

  • Shared room (1):   A spacious bedroom for two participants (with a queen and twin bed, master bathroom)
  • Private room (4):  Private bedroom.  One bathroom shared between 2 participants. 
  • All cabins have spacious shared common areas (kitchen, living room, patio)  

Choose  your preferred option at registration.

Wi-fi is provided and data/cell service is available, though may be limited at times based on weather and other factors.

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Bear Extravaganza:  Lodging 

The Bear Extravaganza Extension offers modern cabins with a bathroom, shower, and comfortable bed.  You are steps from the main dining area (not shown) where are home-cooked meals will be prepared.  This is also where we are escorted by vehicles to incredible bear viewing locations a short distance from the lodge.  Please note that lodging is limited and if you request a private room, we will honor it wherever possible, but it may not be guaranteed.  For 2 nights, we may occasionally need to pair you with another member of our tour of the same gender. 

Highlights from last season

See what our previous season's tour participants experienced. (Shot with an iPhone and worth the watch!)
Magic of Alaska:  Highlights from 2021 tour
Bear Extravaganza:  Highlights from 2021 tour
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What do past participants say about their experience?


"Lisa's "Magic of Alaska" workshop is truly that - magic! This is one of the most fun, informative, organized and all-around best workshops we've ever done. She knows all the best places and gets you there at just the right time, offers great tips on photography and processing, and the accommodations are just the best. We highly recommend this trip to anyone that wants to come home with fabulous photos and great stories!"  
-Linda Rodig (2019), Oakdale, CA

"A truly special life-shaping experience. Lisa is an amazing artist who has created a deep glimpse into the magic that is Alaska."  
-Steve Palmer (2019), Vancouer, WA

"Lisa’s Magic of Alaska trip was my greatest nature photography experience to date. The variety and abundance of wildlife was astounding and the landscapes were spectacular. I returned home with incredible images of bear, moose, bald eagles whales and sea otters, to name a few. Excellent accommodations and organization were icing on the cake."  
- Linda Kennedy (2019), San Diego, CA

"Lisa and her co-host, Len, gave all of the attendees and I individual instruction and encouragement. I have a disability that affects my balance and stamina, yet I was able to communicate my needs and any adjustments needed were made. The small group was amazing we always had a good seat for shooting--and even had a whole boat for our group. The ANIMALS are definitely worth the price of admission."   
-Darcy Quimby (2018), Palm Desert, CA

“Alaska is a fabulous workshop – Lisa knows all the best places to go for wildlife and scenery. Hopefully I will be able to go again in 2017.”  
–Patti Cooter (2017, 2014) Illinois, USA

“GO to Alaska!  I can tell you it’s a wonderful workshop!”  
–Emily Bristor (2015), Arizona, USA

“I participated in the Magic of Alaska 2015 tour and workshop.  Beyond the obvious benefit of touching a rare piece of nature and somewhat expected camaraderie, I have thoroughly enjoyed, at this time, six month of friendship on Facebook from my fellow participants and beyond. Many of these people are world-class nature photographers who grace my Facebook news feed, on a daily basis with awesome and wondrous photographs they have captured from across the continent and around the world. It really is a trip that keeps on giving, and totally unexpected. I am so grateful for these people, their work and their willingness to share. It really is a trip that keeps on giving.”
Jim Semple (2015), Arizona, USA

"Lisa is an awesome photographer and workshop leader. She goes above and beyond to ensure your time in Alaska is maximized. This trip will provide you with the opportunity to see and experience some amazing scenery and wildlife. (The lodge) is one of my favorite places I have ever stayed and their hospitality is unmatched!”  
- Jacqueline Deely (2014) California, USA

“Definitely one of the most memorable weeks of my life! Lisa took us to places to photograph wildlife like I had only ever dreamed was possible. Her knowledge of both photography and Alaska ensure you will get pictures that will forever be favorites.” 
Julie Chen (2014), California, USA

Detailed Itinerary, Packing List and Travel Planning:

A website with these details will be provided to you upon registration.

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