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An absolute abundance of hummingbirds!

What a fall migration! 
What a fall migration! The excitement is always palpable at Magic of Hummingbirds! Seeing numerous species of these flying gems within the USA is a sight to behold… however, this fall (Sept 2023), it was a record-breaking season!
Our participants were treated to swarms of birds at feeders! It was not unusual to have 3-5 birds at a feeder at one time, sometimes up to 6-8 birds! Each waiting their turn, or fighting for position, to grab some nectar and get their portraits taken.
We had 10 species of birds this season that were viewed at the lodge where we station our workshops, including:

1. Anna’s hummingbird
2. Caliope hummingbird
3. Rufous hummingbird
4. Beryline hummingbird
5. Blue Mountain Gem
6. Rivoli’s hummingbird
7. Broad-tailed hummingbird
8. Broad-billed hummingbird
9. Black-chinned hummingbird
10. Caliope hummingbird
Our Magicians (attendees) truly created magic while learning our three primary techniques – high key, low key, and traditional images. Additionally, the nectar bats were plentiful! We captured them in the evenings using specialized lidar techniques and truly brought out the best in their images of these amazing and threatened and/or endangered bats!
Participants left with literally 1000s of images of hummingbirds and bats over the course of the 4-day event. Kim Gray, my co-leader, and I keep seeing their posts on social media and are delighted with the results! A huge and heartfelt thank you to each of the attendees for helping make the event truly Magical!
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