Langell Photography, LLC

Lisa Langell's Art Gallery

Welcome to Lisa Langell's Fine Art Gallery.  Please take the time to visit all the rooms listed below.  Each gallery contains some of Lisa's select works of fine art photography.  Each of the images are available to purchase in a number of sizes and media.  

High Key Photography Gallery Room

In this room you will view some wonderful examples of high key photography.  High Key photography is a style of photography that uses unusually bright lighting to reduce or completely blow out the dark shadows of the image.  Leaving the background a solid white.  These images almost take on an artistic illustration look that is thought to be positive and upbeat.  
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Fine Art Select Works Gallery

In this room you will find some of Lisa's selected fine art photography works.  Each image would make a wonderful print to your personal art collection.  Fine Art Photography encompasses many techniques both in camera and post digital processing to produce an image that invokes a mood or conveys a message.  Each of the images in the gallery are available for purchase so that you can add that print to your own home or office gallery.
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