Langell Photography, LLC
Magic of Hummingbirds (Aug 21-24, 2021) Women-Only

Have you ever sat in one location and observed virtually an unending supply of hummingbirds frequenting your feeder? Plus had the opportunity to sit and photograph the beautiful Lesser Long-Nosed Nectar Bats at night? 

You will get to do both in Madera Canyon! You will learn how to use a multi-flash setup to capture stunning images of hummingbirds! We provide one setup per person so that you never have to share a station--maximizing your learning and images! Then we show you how to photograph the bats by night!

You will be a part of a small group of participants and two instructors as you sit amidst myriad hummingbirds are concentrated in this renown area as they travel northward through Madera Canyon, an internationally known flyway for migrating hummingbirds. Lodging, the flash setups, instruction and more are included. Click the link below for details.

Number of Available Spaces = 3

Bookings are closed for this event.

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