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Magic of Alaska
Frequently Asked Questions

  • May I bring a non-participating / non-photographer spouse or friend?
    At this time, our excursions, transportation and more are set up for only six (6) participants.  If you would like to bring someone along with you, they must register as a participant.  The space available for guests has little to do with whether or not they are capturing photographs and virtually everything to do with the total maximal space available in our vehicles, boats, planes, etc.

  • Who is leading the tours?  May I get photographic instruction/guidance?   You are never without support!  Lisa Langell will be there with one of her personally trained photography guides.  You will be joined by either guide (and sometimes both) on each daily excursion and at the lodge throughout the tour.  Both will offer tailored photographic guidance and support.  This is in addition to the boat captains, bear guides and other experts that will be supporting your experience.

  • Are the cabins modern? All cabins are modernized with electricity, heat, bathroom, shower, and even a TV.  Each cabin also has a refrigerator, stove, sink, oven, coffee pot (we provide coffee and tea), and is furnished with dishware and more.

  • Is there WiFi and/or mobile phone service at the lodge?  WiFi and mobile phone service are available at the lodge.  Mobile phone service strength varies by carrier.  Weather or other factors may sometimes inhibit the service, but it is available and free to guests for general use (e.g., email, social media, internet searches, etc.)  High-volume data uploads or downloads, video streaming and other  services that place a high demand on data usage may not be available.  Mobile phone service with a "good signal" and data access is available en-route to many of our daily excursions as well, with variability according to your carrier.

  • How physically fit do I need to be for this tour? Our tours are moderate.
    • Appropriate for those who are in good health. 
    • Involves half to full day activities that may include light to moderate intensity walking or light hiking on mild terrain for periods of 5-30 minutes), or standing for 1+ hour at a time on location. 
    • Elevations range from 0-8,000 feet. 
    • May involve off-road travel in SUVs, multi-terrain vehicles, small planes or boats, any of which can make riding a bit bumpy.
    • Must also be able to get in and out of small boats with assistance and board/deplane bush planes with assistance (Steps / ladder provided).
    • May also involve varying weather conditions from about 40°F (4°C) to 90°F (32°C) with sun, rain, sleet or wind. Modern restroom facilities and/or vault toilets available in most cases.

  • How do you accommodate my dietary restrictions? We will collect information from you at registration regarding dietary restrictions (e.g., food allergens, vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.).  We are able to handle most accommodations; however, we will contact you individually if we need more information.

  • What airport should I fly in/out of? We recommend flying to Anchorage and then connecting to Kenai (ENA) airport.  It is a short 20 to 30-minute flight from Anchorage.  We will provide you more details regarding arrival and departure dates/times, airlines, etc. in your full itinerary that you will receive upon booking.

  • May we arrive early / stay late and spend a few extra nights at the lodge? Our lodge is exclusively reserved for the season for participants registered for our scheduled photography tours.  We cannot accommodate extended stays at this time; however, there are several other lodges within walking and/or driving distance from our lodge and we are happy to make recommendations for you upon request.

  • Is shopping available for sundries and necessities? Yes, we will stop several times at a nearby department and grocery store so that you may purchase essentials, gift items, etc. as needed.

  • Mosquitos—aren’t they plentiful in Alaska? Good news!  Most of the excursions we offer have low risk for high-density mosquitos.  We also provide a variety of sprays for you to use as needed.

  • Do I need to rent a car? Unless you plan to extend your stay beyond the dates of the tour itself, you will not need to rent a vehicle.  We provide all transportation, end-to-end, once you land in Kenai, AK.
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